Baldi Partners

We have stipulated a strategic agreement with one of the main NOMADs (nominated advisors) for Borsa italiana - Baldi &Partners – in the area of an original strategic rating created for all Italian SMEs and conceived with MOODY'S ANALYTICS, a division of Moody's, the world leader in rating systems.

This rating, which – thanks to the agreement with Baldi &Partners - DM Partners will be able to offer exclusively to enterprises in some major regions of central and southern Italy (Marches, Abruzzo, Umbria, Lazio and Puglia) is based on an extremely strict and scientific quantitative and qualitative process and will be able – with decidedly competitive costs – to provide all interested SMEs not only with a qualified strategic vision of their company, but also a real rating recognised internationally and expendable in all the most suitable and qualified areas, starting with relations with the banking and financial system.

This highly qualified service means DM Partners stands as one of the very few forces in central Italy capable of offering top level support to Italian SMEs with serious development projects.



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