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Corporate finance – consultancy in m&a and private equity operations – inheritance management

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We intervene as an all-round consultancy firm in the field of company finance, supporting all of the most important strategic financial decisions and sharing the most suitable instruments in those areas, with in-depth analysis and valuation techniques. This activity is solely focused on enhancing company value, while at the same time mitigating exposure to excessive financial risks.

In detail:

  • we support our clients throughout all of the various phases of typical M&A and corporate and group restructuring operations, like in the case of mergers, demergers, sale and acquisitions, stock exchange, contributions, sale of shares and interests, maximising in each case the value of the relative transactions and optimising all aspects of the risk involved;

  • we provide assistance to clients in company, branch and single asset valuation processes, including valuations of intangibles;

  • we can identify and select the most suitable Italian and foreign investment vehicles for businesses, as typically occurs with private equity funds, be they public – for example Fondo Italiano di Investimento- or “private”: in this regard, we study together with our clients all of the most suitable and possible collaboration scenarios – majority and minority partnerships, industrial planning, contractual aspects, etc – with the single goal of maximising the value of the transactions at play;

  • being aware of the current Italian and international banking and financial situation, we can offer our support to businesses in assessing and implementing specific strategic financial rebalancing measures, making use of the most advanced and recent innovations in financial instruments, like in the case of the issue and the relative market of mini BONDs by Borsa italiana, created specifically to boost the growth of Italian SMEs;

  • we provide all-round assistance to all enterprises that wish to seriously consider listing on the Italian AIM stock market, created specifically to support the strategic growth of Italian SMEs and which, thanks to the entry of the London AIM, is witnessing a period of positive vitality and growing approval in the Italian business world;

  • we are capable of identifying, when dealing with business inheritance management, all of the most suitable business, corporate and contractual strategies possible within that scope, preparing specific plans for each case at hand, for example in family Holdings, Trusts, family business agreements, family trusts, etc.;

  • we offer advice for both long-term as well as short-term company finance decisions – investment analysis etc, such as treasury and liquidity management as well as commercial credit management.



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