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We can devise specific initiatives aimed at the penetration and/or the commercial and industrial development in given geographical areas.

  • in these areas, we intervene both in the structuring of existing strategies already devised in-house, as well as in identifying new specific pathways together with the client enterprises;

  • we can provide strategic and operational support in devising industrial plans as well as commercial/marketing, contractual, corporate and tax profiles;

  • we have solid expertise in all the various aspects of start-up initiatives from market penetration and various forms of contractual and/or corporate alliances, such as joint ventures and similar models, as well as in all the specific forms of bank and other guarantees – performance bonds, bid bonds, etc – to support internationalisation initiatives.



Tel: 347/6450900

Tel: 335/6927349

Indirizzo: Via dell’Industria, 1 - 60027 Osimo