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Turnaround and strategic restructuring

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Businesses present on the market often require optimisation measures, greater understanding of the competitive scenario, of changing business and collaboration models, of protecting planned strategic investments, linked to specific turnaround plans, as well as of a coherent and effective form of external communication of all the above;

  • within this context, we can intervene in all company reorganisation and turnaround phases, helping enterprises to tackle contingent or structural problems as a challenge to management changes, working on the strategic, organisational and operational area;

  • our approach is aimed at achieving concrete results, working through three typical phases:
    • diagnosis, aimed at understanding the company situation , identifying all the possible margins of intervention to improve financial and management performance;
    • reorganisation and re-launch: once the strategy has been revised, this phase enables us to establish a sound industrial plan, identifying a specific schedule and the objectives to be achieved;
    • implementation and monitoring: in this phase all of the strategic, operational and financial phases are put into action and coordinated.nitoraggio: con tale fase si realizzano e si coordinano tutte le azioni di origine strategica, operativa e finanziaria.

  • in this situation, we are of course capable, right from the initial phases, of orienting the client company, within the framework of the said measures, towards the most appropriate forms of restructuring – turnaround plans governed by law (turnaround plans pursuant to art. 67, debt restructuring agreements pursuant to art. 182 bis of the Italian Bankruptcy Act, arrangement with creditors as a going concern or otherwise) and “private” turnaround plans and processes – depending on the specific situations at hand.



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