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Management and organisational consultancy – corporate governance

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Experience has shown us that one of the most strategic consultancy needs for the enterprise is what we like to call management and organisational consultancy, or corporate governance.

  • • When we speak of decision-making processes, of corporate governance rules, of the balance of powers, of evolving statutory models, of the elaboration and implementation as well as the modification of all those really strategic decisions for the company majority and/or minority or for a group of companies, we are tackling issues that go straight to the heart and the development of the company system;

  • • while they are extremely varied and difficult to define in advance, we like to discover them immediately, if desired, together with our clients: it is practically impossible for an enterprise not to have strategic needs to discuss and share with consultants who are very accustomed to listening to the business community;

  • i• in this context and using an absolutely confidential and professional approach, we can share all of the most delicate areas of intervention, aimed at further strengthening what we like to call the framework of an enterprise.



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