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Planning & Business Plans – national and international incentives and measures

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The current economic scene is increasingly involving enterprises in matters that regard the preparation, formalisation and regular review of business plans and industrial plans.

  • Starting with the banking world and moving through all forms of industrial and commercial partnerships and alliances, as well as in all the cases that may require a company to open up to other partners and face corporate restructuring processes, it is absolutely essential for that company to take a hard look at itself, involving company management and the most suitable consultants, in the preparation and formalisation of business plans and strategic industrial plans;

  • While all this is true, what we like to say is that is today, regardless of the size and situation of a company, embarking on such a pathway is absolutely indispensable for all businesses and particularly for the purposes of company growth;

  • in this regard, we can provide all the indispensable strategic and operational/practical consultation to go in that direction, flanking enterprises at all times, creating a solid partnership marked by a constructive, critical and independent spirit. We invite you to visit our “Publications and software” section where you will find our specific efforts devoted to this subject;

  • we can also offer support to enterprises in their approach to the national and international financial entities (EIB, INVITALIA, BERS, etc) that exist on the market precisely to facilitate enterprises in their development and/or reorganisation processes linked to industrial planning: in this regard, we can play an all-round advisory role with such organisations.



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