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DM Partners acts as financial advisor for MINIBOND issue transactions

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many italian smes are seriously considering minibonds and there are many good reasons why, given current bank-enterprise relationships: however it is necessary to understand exactly what it is about and to try to move from generic media information to more qualified details on the subject.

DM Partners acts as financial advisor for listing on the aim stock market

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da Borsa Italiana

the stock market for italian smes, known as aim after the now major london-based market, bolstered by over 3,000 sme listings since its launch in 1995, is an excellent launching pad for our leading italian businesses: the children of sergio leone explain why they decided to list their leone film group in december 2013, which turned over approximately 13 million euro in 2012.

DM Partners acts as financial advisor for the entry of corporate shareholders in company share capital

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the entry of a major institutional shareholder is often the beginning of a maturation process for businesses and entrepreneurs who have a long-term development strategy and are not afraid to put themselves on the line. we listen to the thoughts of oscar farinetti, who has recently conducted the successful entry of tip to his italian food chain eataly.

Ipo Moncler, Ruffini: “the consumer is my primary shareholder”

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Being listed on the stock markets is today the most coherent and comprehensible solution for businesses and entrepreneurs who have a clear and long-term development strategy.
We listen to the opinion of Remo Ruffini, who recently and very successfully conducted the listing process for Moncler.

Our guiding values

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We are positive that strategic consultancy for businesses should not be just any service, but should constitute a high added value process for the economic and social system. In this sense, our approach has always been aimed at providing strategic consultancy for dynamic enterprises that want to take a constructive look at the future and are capable of challenging their ideas. We like to remind our clients that our work, regardless of the case at hand, has a social benefit and we consider the ethical values by which we operate – intellectual honesty, transparency, respect for roles, confidentiality, in-depth study of each case – as our veritable cornerstone.



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