Emysis Capital

We have stipulated a strategic agreement with emisys capital, the savings management company active in the private equity and private debt sectors, with a modus operandi that currently makes it a unique case nationwide: in fact, the investments of emisys capital can be made using a wide range of financial instruments:

  • ordinary shares.
  • preference shares.
  • participating financial instruments.
  • convertible debt.
  • junior debt with and without warrant.
  • mini-bonds.

as regards risk capital investments, emisys capital subscribes only minority equity interests. thanks to this agreement, we, with the support of emisys, will be able to flank enterprises:

  • in the realisation of acquisitions and the developments of strategies aimed at overall growth (construction of new plants, entry into new markets, launch of new products, etc.).
  • in situations of undercapitalisation that require strengthening of the capital structure.
  • in the reorganisation of the shareholder composition linked, for example, to inheritance processes

the target investments are approximately between € 5 and € 12 m, with a medium to long-term time frame (4-6 years).

the intervention methods are defined flexibly, based on the specific needs of the target companies

this highly qualified service means dm partners stands as one of the very few forces in central italy capable of offering top level support to italian smes with serious development projects and also with a specific need for intervention in terms of financial resources, including liabilities as subordinated debts (mezzanines, etc) and similar.




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